7 Jobs where you are paid more than 1 crore per month

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Money – I don’t need to tell you about the different things that you can do if you had an income of 1 crore per month. That’s a lot of money. But what I can tell you, are the different career options that you can pursue in order to grab that 8 figure monthly salary.

A few disclaimers before we begin. Most jobs will not pay you 1 crore a month. But even the jobs that might pay you a crore require you to be at the top of your field. So remember that you can only earn one crore rupees per month if you are the cream of the crop, the best of the best in any of these fields.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin with our list of 10 career options where you can earn 1 crore a month.


Cricketers earn way more than 1 crore in our country. Cricket is the biggest religion in India, and naturally, we pay a lot of money to cricketers. They earn most of their money during the IPL, where companies purchase their talents for multiple crores for a season. They are basically earning a few crores for just two months of work. Now add to that the number of brand deals popular cricketers have, and we seem to arrive on a number that is significantly bigger than one crore.

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Cricketers earn a lot of money in India


If you become a successful entrepreneur, you can earn well over a crore a month. Starting a business is the most traditional way of money-making. So if you provide a good and effective product, that has a Unique Selling Point, you can get yourself on the right track of earning 1 crore+ rupees per month.

CEO (Top Level Management)

For becoming a CEO, there are basically two career paths that one can pursue. Option one is to become a founder of a company, but since that is pretty similar to entrepreneurship, we’re going to talk about option number two – Management.

You can become the CEO of a company of you have a lot of work experience and a management degree from a prestigious institution (universities such as the IIM). This is one of the only career paths mentioned in this list that requires a degree.

Angel Investor

What better way of making money than getting to earn when other people are making money. If you have enough funds to start with, and invest in the right type of companies, you can easily earn more than 1 crore by just getting a small percentage of the profits by virtue of being a shareholder. But there is a high barrier to entry in this field, because you already need to have a decent amount of money to invest in some companies.


Like I said, cricket is India’s biggest religion. Bollywood comes in it a close second. If you are a popular filmmaker in India, there is a lot of money to be made. Although the road to become a filmmaker is quite topsy-turvy with no clear path, once you achieve fame in this profession, you can easily earn more than a crore per month. Directors usually take 7-8 crores as a salary per film. If you are a successful director, your rate significantly increases.


One league above filmmakers in a Bollywood’s film pecking order come actors. Top names in the industry are known to charge around 30 crores per project. Add to that all the money that comes in through endorsements and advertisements, and 1 crore per month starts looking like chump change. Although I don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to become an actor, but once the deed is done, the money potential in this field is sky-high.

Content Creator

Think of the biggest content creators in the world. They earn money in ways that you can’t even imagine. They combine methods such as affiliate marketing, Youtube income, public appearances, sponsorships and advertisements to generate a revenue that is more than 1 crore a month. Although the barrier to entry is super low, you need to keep two things in mind – this amount of money is earned only by the 1% of the 1%; and also that it takes a super long amount to reach that point where you would be earning in 8 figures every month.

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The magic of Youtube

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