Best Career Options after BFA Painting

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If you love painting, then you are probably thinking of doing a BFA Painting degree.

B.F.A. (Painting) Program is the course that develops an artist from every student who undergoes this course. It helps them to enhance their artistic behavior and help them to come out with their own ideas.

But what about the possible career options after this degree? Well, we have got that covered too. Here is a list of the best career options that one can pursue after doing a BFA in painting in India.

Design trainer   

A slightly unique or offbeat career option for students of BFA Painting is Design trainer. But being unique does not mean that the work is not good or that the pay is not that high.

So, what are the responsibilities and work profile of an Design trainer, you may ask? Worry not, we have the answer.

Such individuals are engaged in preparation of compelling design curriculum and coursework for online websites or firms to attract global attention, and provide information that is educational and provides awareness to the masses in terms of art and related fields.

They curate articles on artistic expression which promotes enhancement of art in its entirety. As you can see, the work is very interesting, especially if you are interested in art. But a word of warning if you are not particularly a ‘artsy’ guy (or girl), please don’t get into this profession as you would be miserable most of the time. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!  

And of course, how can we not talk about salaries. Starting salaries are roughly in the range of INR 6-7 lakhs. Mostly employment would be found in cities, so if you are from a rural or semi-urban area, be ready to relocate.  

Growth prospects (both monetary and otherwise) are great at the moment (we wouldn’t be recommending this to you otherwise, would we?). So, to stress the original point of this article, becoming a Design trainer is a great option for BFA Painting graduates. 


If you’re undecided about the above choice, becoming an Illustrator could be the best option for you. The demand for this profession has been skyrocketing recently, so now would be an excellent time to enter it. If you’ve recently opened LinkedIn, you’ll notice that it’s flooded with employers looking for illustrators.  

That’s fine. But what exactly does an Illustrator do? Here’s the fix.  

Illustrators are individuals involved in creating sketches and paintings, unique characters for newspapers columns and online content websites to attract clients and customers. They also prepare artworks for publishing houses; decoration items and greetings cards, among many other things. 

Your duties can vary from time to time, but in the end, it all boils down to drawing and creating. So, if you think you’d like to do that, becoming an Illustrator could be the best choice for you.  

Problem-solving abilities, which are the bulk of what an employer looks for in this field, can only be learned by experience. As a result, the majority of seasoned illustrators advise newcomers to get started as soon as possible. That’s one of the best things about becoming an illustrator – you can work on your skills at your own pace at home.  

Salaries in this field (as in most others) are highly variable, but you can expect to earn somewhere between INR 3-4 lakhs at the start of your career. 


Artists are individuals who work independently or with organizations to prepare art and painting for personal and commercial sale. They exhibit their art for sale and purchase via galleries and also create art forms on demand.

The job is very creative, which means that no two days are going to be the same. As an artist, you are always going to be a creator. And bonus points if you are a ‘creative’ creator.  

Work-life balance is mostly in your hand in this profession. You would have to set your priorities.

Growth opportunities are good, but the competition is really intense. The work can often be challenging and frustrating, but if you love art, you will love being an Artist. You would have to be really good at your job to stand out. But for the lucky few that make it, the sky is the limit.   

Salaries vary hugely in this field. And they are dependent on a lot of unrelated factors, but the one thing that you can be sure of is that you are going to be paid what you are worth. Starting salaries can be anywhere around INR 2-6 lakhs, but remember that this is just an estimate. 

Art critics   

If you loved doing your BFA in Painting so much that you can’t get enough of it, and if you are also deeply passionate about it, then becoming an art critic may just be the right career choice for you.   

Art critics are individuals who are well versed with different types of art forms of India and of the world, and are hired by museums to provide insight to their audience about the painting and art works they possess. They prepare commentaries and reviews for the same.

They impart important information on the symbolism behind artwork as well as analyze the color compositions to portray information and hidden abstract meanings that make painting unique in essence. Finding a job in this space is not super-difficult, especially if you have samples and portfolio projects which scream about your abundance of talent to the potential employers.  

Leadership opportunities are available to the few that are good enough to get to the top. A lot of soft skills are needed in this profession, and being an introvert might work against you. A high level of confidence is definitely a prerequisite. If you are not comfortable working within a team, and if your communication skills are next to nothing, this may not be your best bet. 

Another important thing to note is salaries. Salaries are often dependent on a number of things, such as location, company, skills and so on. But on average, you can expect to earn anywhere around INR 2-5 lakhs as a fresher in this field. Some companies offer more, some companies offer less, but the amount we have provided to you can be a good reference point for negotiations. 

Art Professional/ Connoisseurs   

For students of BFA Painting, Art Professional/connoisseurs is a slightly unusual or odd career choice. However, being special does not imply that the work is of poor quality or that the pay is low. It simply means that, for whatever reason, there aren’t many people who walk this route.  

Art professionals or connoisseurs are individuals who possess excellent command on various artworks and information on their making and evolution. They are hired by various upholding’s to assist young artists in providing insights on work and interaction between various concepts of life with integrating art forms.   

In this sector, salaries vary greatly. And they are based on a variety of unrelated variables, but one thing you can count on is that you will be paid what you are worth. Starting salaries will range from INR 4-6 lakhs, but keep in mind that this is just an approximation.  

The potential for growth is strong, but the competition is fierce. The job can be difficult and stressful at times, but if you like talking about art, you will enjoy being an Art Connoisseurs. To stand out, you’d have to be exceptionally good at your work. The sky is the limit for the fortunate few who make it. 

So these were some of the highest-paying professions that you can go for after completing a BFA. in Painting. Did you like the article and found it informative? Then please share it with fellow art students so that they can make well-informed decisions about their professional life. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a weekly update about the different career options added on the website.

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