help students make better decisions

As a kid, we all want to be something spectacular. An astronaut, a spy, a race car driver. But as we get older, those dreams start dying out. Sometimes it is due to growing out of those things or finding a new passion. But most of the time, that is not the case. The issue is a lack of information.  

There is just not enough real, factual, well-documented information on the internet regarding career options, especially in an Indian context. Thus, when faced with a severe absence of information, kids tend to go with the “safer” options, where the path to success, even though it’s difficult, is clearly visible. Clear JEE, become an engineer. Clear UPSC, become an IAS officer.

Not that there’s anything wrong with these career options, but I believe that kids (and I am counting even 19 to 22-year-olds as kids here) have the right to complete information about all possible career options, so that they can make a decision according to their own personal parameters. 

I wanted to help in providing this information, and thus, I created a website that would answer the basic question of “How to become a X in India”, where X can be anything from textile engineer to film composer. 

Most “career-related” websites have a few problems. They provide little-to-no information about salaries, growth opportunities, travel requirements or really anything else. and they also charge a very high price for providing something that should be available to every student for free, which deprives kids from a particular socio-economic status in receiving that information.

This is against my fundamental belief – Kids have the right to obtain complete and accurate information about all possible career options for free, in a well-written, easy-to-read manner.  

Okay, great. But why do I need your help? While I was working on this idea of mine, I came across a very surprising thing that shocked me to my core – I am not the smartest man in the country who knows everything about each career option.

Therefore, I come to you. If you are employed right now or have ever made money doing something, please consider filling the google form linked below and telling me some stuff about your job. It will hardly take 3-4 minutes of your time, but it will definitely help a lot of students across our entire country; who are a part of an education system which does not provide them with this basic information.

Most of the stuff requires one-word answers or it is a multiple-choice question, and I promise that I won’t ask you for your email or phone number. If you desire, you will be credited as one of the authors when the article is published on the website.