Best Career Options after BA Sanskrit

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Sanskrit is a classical language of South Asia belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. It arose in South Asia after its predecessor languages had diffused there from the northwest in the late Bronze Age. 

Here are the best career options for you if you just graduated after completing your BA in Sanskrit.


Want to do something that helps people in a tangible way? Want to bring real, positive change into the world? As a BA Sanskrit graduate, your best bet to achieve these dreams is to become a Translator.  

So how does a Translator do all this? The person involved in this sector is entrusted with responsibilities of translating Sanskrit in English, Hindi or any other language for various clients and third-parties.

Working in this domain requires knowledge of two to three languages apart from Sanskrit.. As you can see, if you really love helping people, you can definitely go down this route.  

Work-life balance, unexpectedly, is a bit hectic in this profession because your work life and your personal life overlaps quite a bit. What happened during ‘job hours’ may affect your mood during your off-hours.   

A lot of soft skills are needed to excel in this role. And of course, your communication skills need to be excellent.   

Salaries differ from organization to organization, but on average, you would be earning roughly INR 1.5-2 Lacs when you begin your career. Monetary growth is slow, but steady. 

Journalist/Content Developer   

If you’re unsure about all the above given options, then becoming a Journalist/Content Developer may be the right fit for you. Lately the demand has been rising like crazy and now would be the perfect time to get into the job market for this field. If you have opened LinkedIn lately, you would have definitely seen that it is filled with employers asking for content developers.  

Okay, great. But what does an content developer actually do? Here’s the answer.  

Working in this domain requires one to indulge in developing content in the Sanskrit language for the viewers as well as preparing news items for the newspapers or journals. Sometimes your responsibilities may be more or less, but in essence, it all boils down to content creation. So if you think that you would enjoy doing that, then becoming a Journalist/Content Developer might just be your best option.  

Let’s get to the juicy part. Starting salaries are in the range of INR 1.5-2 Lacs, but the earning potential is sky-high. And keep in mind that this is an average estimate, and your salary would be more than this if you live in a major town or a tier-1 city.  

Leadership opportunities are available with time, and the potential for career growth is phenomenal. But keep in mind that this is not a desk job, so travel will be a huge part of your professional life. 


A slightly unique or offbeat career option for students of BA Sanskrit is Writer. But being unique does not mean that the work is not good or that the pay is not that high. It just means that there are not a lot of people who tread this path, for whatever reason it may be. 

So, what are the responsibilities and work profile of an Writer, you may ask? Worry not, we have the answer. Working in this domain requires writing stories and poems in Sanskrit which are to be published for reading in magazines or as a separate publication.

As you can see, the work is very interesting, especially if you are interested in writing. But a word of warning if you are not particularly a ‘writer’ guy (or girl), please don’t get into this profession as you would be miserable most of the time. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you!  

And of course, how can we not talk about salaries. Starting salaries are roughly in the range of INR 1.5-2 Lacs. Mostly employment would be found in cities, so if you are from a rural or semi-urban area, be ready to relocate.  

Growth prospects (both monetary and otherwise) are great at the moment (we wouldn’t be recommending this to you otherwise, would we?). So, to stress the original point of this article, becoming a Writer is a great option for BA Sanskrit graduates. 

Private School Teacher   

Right now, Private School Teacher is one of the most in-demand professions in India. Students who will graduate after completing Bachelor of Sanskrit (Hons.) are the ones who are eligible for this position. This would involve the job of teaching the language to school or college level students. There are plenty of options in private sector but the candidate has to go for B.Ed degree in the long run. 

And did we mention that the growth prospects are excellent?   

The real picture is that money in this sector has been steadily increasing year-by-year. You should expect to earn somewhere between INR 1.2-2 Lakhs when you begin your journey in this field, but a lot depends on how good you are at your work and the organization that hires you.  

Work-life balance varies by organization, but in general, weekends are considered holidays, and overtime is uncommon.  

Only a few people who are successful enough to rise to the top are offered leadership positions. In this field, a lot of soft skills are needed, and being an introvert can work against you. A high degree of self-assurance is an absolute must. If you don’t like working in groups and have poor communication skills, this may not be the best option for you. 

So these were some of the highest-paying professions that you can go for after completing a BA. in Sanskrit. Did you like the article and found it informative? Then please share it with fellow Sanskrit students so that they can make well-informed decisions about their professional life. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a weekly update about the different career options added on the website.

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