How to become a Blockchain Developer in India?

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Before we begin, read this post to quickly understand what blockchain actually is. Now that you know what blockchain is, let me tell you what a blockchain developer does.  

A blockchain developer is a type of software developer who works with blockchain technology (Duh!). Blockchain is a decentralized data storage solution that can be used by the public; and what makes it so unique is that any data sent over the blockchain is not stored in a central location or by a third party.

The technology was originally utilized for the creation of Bitcoin, the digital currency, but is now applied in a variety of industries. Smart contracts (Google the term, it’s actually a smart concept. Sorry for the dad joke!) are another example of blockchain innovation. 

A blockchain developer is responsible for optimizing and developing blockchain protocols, crafting the architecture of blockchain systems, developing smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology. With the rise and the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, quality blockchain developers are in high demand right now. 

Job Profile (A Day in the life of a Blockchain Developer): 

The timings are really flexible, and most big companies would be okay with you working remotely, if that’s something you care about. The workday is generally around 8-9 hours, but can sometimes go on for even longer, especially when it’s time to deploy the code in production.

You would need good foundational computer science knowledge of networking, operating systems and databases to make it in this line of work. Maintenance and extension of existing software would be the primary role of a new blockchain developer. The concept of networking (especially P2P networks) is a must-know.

Growth opportunities seem great with the blockchain and NFT hype at the moment. However, in the event that it all turns out to be a fad, learn the Rust programming language thoroughly. It is going to help you in your work as a blockchain developer, and also has a lot of demand in other unrelated, “safe” industries. But if cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to grow the way they have been growing, then the career growth prospects are going to be next-level.

You will work within a team, but most of the times it is going to be asynchronous communication, given the remote nature of the job. Work life balance is great at the moment, and you will be surrounded by people smarter than you. There are tremendous opportunities to learn.

Salary of a Blockchain Developer in India

Starting salary is roughly around 1,00,000 rupees per month. Monetary growth is huge in this industry right now. You can expect your salary to go up to 2,50,000 per month within 4-5 years. 


A degree helps for sure, but nowadays, as there is more demand for blockchain developers and a lesser supply, you can also get a very good job with ability only. Still, if you can, definitely go for a degree or a dual degree in computer science, i.e., BTech Comp Sci. + MTech Comp Sci (Optional).

One thing to love about being a Blockchain Developer

“It’s a remote job with fully flexible timings in a 15-person start-up.” 

One thing to hate about being a Blockchain Developer 

“Not being able to meet teammates if you are working remotely.” 

Recommended colleges 

IIIT Bangalore, the IITs, NITs, VIT, DTU are all excellent colleges for a degree in Computer Science. 

Resources and Tips 

  1. Follow the right people on Twitter. Things happen very quickly in this industry. 
  1. Reddit communities, such as r/ethereum, are also a great resource.  
  1. A good GitHub profile would be super helpful in getting a job. People in this space don’t care much about which college you went to as long as you build useful stuff. 
  1. Check out this video to know what you will need to learn to get a job in this field. It’s a short and sweet video that presents you with a roadmap for this journey, if you are starting from scratch.
  1. Mastering Ethereum is a must read too if you’re gonna develop on Ethereum. It’s available for free here

Plan of Action:  

  1. Because of the complexity and “newness” of this profession, it is difficult to give you a concise step-by-step guide for becoming a blockchain developer. But I think this video covers a lot of information. It’s long, but trust me, it’s worth spending 1 hour and 28 minutes for this kind of in-depth knowledge. In the end, he also gives a step-by-step guide for becoming a blockchain developer.
  1. But if you are too lazy to watch that video (you shouldn’t be, it is much more in-depth than this article), then do this. Start with the basics. Understand what blockchain really is, it’s different use-cases, a bit of it’s history, how it works and so on.
  1. Start coding. Learn all the stuff mentioned in the video linked in the resources section.
  1. Learn about smart contracts. It is essential knowledge for a blockchain developer.
  1. Start reading and keeping up with the latest blockchain related news. It’s a ever-changing world out there.
  1. Look up companies and people that hire blockchain developers on websites such as LinkedIn, Internshala, and other such job/internship related portals. Remember, cold calls and emails do work in this industry.

Similar occupations: 

Software developer, Firmware engineer, Web developer 

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